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Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome to 2012 and our NEW BLOG!

Welcome to Richard's new blog!  We hope to update this area a couple of times a week to keep you informed about all the cool new happenings at both of our stores (Alamo and Livermore)!  Our teams are experts in their departments and are always happy to help you with your latest project, so be sure to check back often!  Read on as we highlight a few of our departments here!

FLORAL:  Every day we receive new floral!  Reds and pinks for your Valentine projects and decorating; and all kinds of lovely pastels for general spring decor...yes, spring IS on the way!  And all spring floral is 40% off!

HOME DECOR:  Does your home look empty after the holiday decorations are all put away (well, we HOPE they are put away by now!)??  Come in to check out the awesome new home decor pieces we are receiving!  If you've shopped here at all, you know that we have very unique items that you probably won't ever find anywhere else!  And our team of designers are constantly putting together displays that will astound you...and you are welcome to copy their ideas in your own decor!

SCRAPBOOKING: We are getting ready to attend the big Craft & Hobby Association craft show next week and will be buying all the latest and greatest for this department.  In the meantime, check out our awesome Valentine displays...endcaps featuring dozens of different papers, embellishments, stamps and stickers! Of course you'll want to purchase these to scrapbook all the romantic photos you take on Valentine's day, BUT be sure to buy ahead of time so you can make that special someone their very own valentine!  Remember, when you care enough, you make it yourself!

BEADING:  Our beading staff is amazing in their knowledge and creativity, so be sure to take advantage of that with your next project!  They will give you ideas and guide to to the exact products you need to make your creation unique.  Be sure to check out the super-popular VANTAJ packaged line, too!  And did you know that they can do jewlery repair?  Told you they ARE amazing!

ART:  We have almost anything your student would need for those seemingly never-ending school art projects!  Our stretched canvas is always 50% off, and just this week we received brand new Colorline Creative posterboard (24"x28")--it's acid- and chlorine-free, so it's great for those art projects that you want to last!  Art students:  be sure to check out our line of Copic pens...they are the best!

BAKING:  Cupcakes, cake pops and whoopie pies continue to be popular!  What better way to surprise your sweetie on Valentine's day with with a heart-shaped whoopie pie all decorated with yummy icing and sprinkles?  Come check out extensive Valentine collection and whip up some goodies for that extra-special someone!  Remember we have an extensive line of Wilton colors, flavors, pans, etc; and many Meri-Meri cupcake liners and decorations!

So stay tuned here to find out the latest and greatest of what we have to offer.  Remember too, that we are locally owned and operated and want to serve you.  If you can't find what you need, be sure to ask, we'll do our best to order it! something creative...every day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Richards' Arts and Crafts: The new BLOG is here ... the NEW BLOG is here!!!!

Welcome to 2012 and Richard's new blog!  

Our New Year's resolution is to get this blog up and running to keep you posted on all the cool new products and ideas from our fantastic teams at both our stores (Alamo and Livermore)!  Awesome products come in daily and, combined with our knowledgeable staff in all departments, we ARE the place to shop for all your crafting and home decor needs.

FLORAL:  lovely spring floral stems arrive daily, including pinks and reds for Valentine's Day (which will be here before we know it!), but also lovely pastels and 'eggy' things for Easter!  

HOME DECOR:  Does your house look empty now that all the holiday decorations are put away  (we hope they are! HA!)??  Again, cool new home decor items arrive in our stockrooms daily, and you have probably shopped here enough to know that we buy unique items that you probably won't find elsewhere!  In addition, our design teams put together fantastic displays that can be copied quite nicely in your space!  Hearts and floral for February, as well as bunnies and cute Easter!

SCRAPBOOKING:  We are getting ready to attend the big Hobby and Craft show next week and will be buying all the latest and greatest products for stampers & scrappers.  In the meantime, check out our awesome Valentine endcaps: papers, stickers, stamps, embellishments!  Not just for scrapbooking your Valentine photos, of course, but for MAKING all those valentines for those you love. You know....when you care enough, you make it yourself!

ART:  We cater to school projects, so be sure to think of us first!  And art students love us!  Our stretched canvas is ALWAYS 50% off; and just in this week, Colorline Creative posterboard (24x28"), which is both acid-and chlorine free!

BAKING:  Whoopie pies, cake pops, and cupcakes are still the rage and we always have the latest in pans, icings, colors, and decorations for all your baking needs.  Check out the heart whoopie-pie pan as well as all the heart-shaped yummies and make your sweetie something delicious (maybe they will share with you too!)

BEADING:  Our knowledgeable staff in the beading departments are truly amazing, and they will help you create stunning pieces.   Check out the super-popular new packaged VANTAJ line!  Need help with broken jewlery?  They do repairs too!

So stay tuned right here!  Check back as we'll update this blog at least once a week with what's cool and new; and  be sure to sign up for our email list and get exclusive offers, too!   Hope to see you in the store this week!